Happiness Kit

The Happiness Kit covers nutrition, immunity, hygiene and education of children. It comprises the nutritional and health needs that pave the way for a child’s growth and development. The food materials in the kit are to supplement and enhance the nutritional intake of children and their families, in addition to the set allocation of grains by State Governments and MHRD.

Educational supplies include stationery and an activity workbook, printed in regional languages. Hygiene supplies include soap, toothbrush, and sanitary pads.


Happiness Kits have been delivered so far

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How You Can Help

Government school children across the country have been deprived of a nutritious midday meal for months. Protect them from hunger and malnutrition with a Happiness Kit.

Every donation impacts the life of a child.


COVID-19 Relief Efforts

COVID-19 Relief Efforts began on 25 March.

With the advent of coronavirus in the country and the subsequent lockdown, migrant labourers, daily wage workers, and economically disadvantaged families were the hardest hit. Millions lost their source of income, families were devastated, and even their savings depleted quickly.

The Foundation began Food Relief Efforts by delivering freshly cooked meals or dry rations to communities in need. Fresh meals are served where logistically possible and in other locations, Essential Grocery Kits are delivered.

This is being done through Akshaya Patra’s network of centralised kitchens and delivery vehicles, working closely with central and state governments, as well as local civic authorities.

Through COVID-19 Food Relief Efforts, Akshaya Patra and our Associated Foundations have served 10.9 cr meals since the first day of the nationwide lockdown.

Dry grocery kits were delivered in 32 cities.

Cooked meals were served in 28 cities.

*As on 14 October 2020

10.9 cr

Meals served so far

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